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Order anything from your preferred Local Stores without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Order From Local Stores

Order anything and everything from your preferred Local Stores which you know and trust for years.

Lightning Fast Delivery

Verified local drivers will deliver your orders very quickly with worry-free ‘Live Order Tracking’ feature.

Trust, Discounts & Savings

Buy anything from your neighbourhood & save using Exclusive Offers and Discounts from Delpick.

Delpick Features

  • Near By Stores

    Discover Local Stores based on your GPS location

  • Simple App Design

    Easy to use and order anything with simple App Design

  • Handy Search

    Search whatever you want from anywhere in the app

  • Orders & Profile

    Manage orders and profile easily with a tap

  • New Products & Stores

    Up to date info of new products and Local Stores with ratings and reviews

  • Categories & Sorting

    Easily refine your search results using various categories


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